Welcome to Graduate English Study at Baylor

The graduate program in English at Baylor is a respected and competitive program that offers a variety of unique concentrations and has a high job-placement rate. We offer two degree programs, MA and PhD, and our esteemed faculty strive to prepare all students for their individual plan post-graduation, whether it be a career in college or university instruction, continuting their graduate education, or embarking on various alt-ac pursuits. 

Possible Concentrations


British Literature

From medieval to modern and from Shakespeare to Seamus Heaney, specialties in British literature are well-represented at Baylor. Baylor has become a center for Victorian studies partially due to our Armstrong-Browning Library, a research library devoted to the poetry of the Brownings and to nineteenth-century studies. Recent students have also pursued specialties in Irish literature, Old English literature, Milton & his contemporaries, Romanticism, and British modernism. A wide variety of classes is offered in fiction, drama, prose, and poetry.


American Literature 

From Early American to Digital Age and from Anne Bradstreet to Anne Lamott, the variety of American literature is also well-represented in the wide-ranging interests of faculty and graduate students. Recent faculty and student research focuses on Cotton Mather, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Mark Twain, Wendell Berry, Sylvia Plath, Ecological Criticism, American Catholic writers, and American Literature of War, among many others.


Rhetoric & Composition

A focus on rhetoric and composition theory prepares students for careers of cutting-edge research in this growing field. It also prepares graduate students to teach academic, professional, technical, and creative writing both at Baylor and in their future careers. Possible directions in research include digital rhetoric, spiritual writing, women's writing, African-American rhetorical cultures, literacy studies, historical & political rhetoric, and pop culture.


Religion and Literature

The certificate in Religion & Literature is a unique interdisciplinary program that allows students to combine advanced literary analysis with formal theological studies. Professors are friendly towards and involved in exploring the intersections of faith and learning. This degree actually is an English degree, despite its hybridized appearance. Recent students have focused on Evelyn Waugh, George MacDonald, Flannery O'Connor, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and the influence of Reformation theology on English literature.

Creative Writing

Baylor has a growing creative writing faculty, and a creative writing project is one option for the M.A. thesis.