Majoring in one of the three programs offered by the English Department at Baylor is a smart investment in your future. We offer three separate majors--Literature, Professional Writing, and Linguistics--all of which offer the opportunity for engaging intellectual conversations with your professors and classmates and will prepare you for myriad professional opportunities or graduate programs after graduation!

Our majors learn important skills that are valued both in the classroom and the boardroom, such as the ability to comprehend a variety of written materials; quickly digest and synthezise diverse information and discuss it; write clearly and concisely on wide-ranging topics; and articulate and defend your own ideas in a cogent manner. Many top CEOs (including Elon Musk) have stated that skills like these are the MOST important consideration when hiring new employees, so whether you want to be a teacher or an analyst, a writer or a reseacher, or anything in between, earning a major in the Baylor English Department is a step in the right direction.