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Travel Funding

Graduate Student Travel Funds Policy

Department of English

Adopted August 2015

1. The student must seek funding from the graduate school first Graduate School Travel Awards; if the travel expenses exceed the amount of award offered by the graduate school (or if the application for funding is denied), then the student may apply to the Graduate Student Travel Funds Committee for the amount not funded by the graduate school.

2. The Graduate Student Travel Funds Committee will fund PhD students only.

3. The student must be travelling to a conference to read a paper or to chair a panel; a travel award will not be granted to a student who wishes merely to attend a conference.

4. The student can receive funding twice during an academic year (June 1–May 31); requests for additional funding may be made after April 30 and will be considered only if funds are still available.

5. The student must submit the same application materials to the Graduate Student Travel Funds Committee that they submit to the graduate school. The application to the Graduate Student Travel Funds Committee must also include the award letter from the graduate school (or the letter denying funding).

6. Funding by the Graduate Student Travel Funds Committee may be requested by the student prior to travel, but the actual award will only be made after the travel is completed.

7. To qualify for reimbursement for travel expenses, a travel report with itemized expenses and receipts must be submitted to the office manager of the Department of English.

Travel awards from both the Graduate School and the English department for a given trip will not exceed $600 per trip.