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Stacey Walter '09
Professional Writing
Coppell, Texas

"I think people should study English because it's a good way to learn history-it helps you understand a culture in a certain place and a certain time," says Professional Writing major Stacey Walter. "Through literature you can see the world with a different perspective than you would just by learning facts. It puts a face on the facts. It's a study of humanity." But for Stacey, literature isn't just something she enjoys studying-it's something she hopes to create.

"I've wanted to be a writer since I was in fifth grade," Stacey says with a laugh. She maintained this goal through high school, and when she visited Baylor, she found that the Professional Writing major meshed well with her dreams and aspirations. "I really like the idea of having a major that is focused on the structure of writing," she says, "because knowing structure really helps creativity. Even Faulkner, I mean, he broke the rules but he knew the rules." In her years at Baylor, Stacey has appreciated both the major that drew her here and the department that kept her here. "I love the fact that the professors really want to be involved in their students' lives," she says. "Baylor is big, but it isn't so big that you can't be involved in your department."

In addition to the opportunities and encouragement she's received on Baylor's campus, Stacey also hopes to use her writing skills in an internship after graduation at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri. "They need some help putting their theological material into books that are easy for people to read," Stacey says. "They have a bunch of material but not many writers," which makes it a perfect opportunity for Stacey to get experience and integrate her writing skills and her faith.

When she graduates, Stacey knows she will have the skills she needs to pursue her goal of being a writer. "My ideal job would be to become a freelance creative writer," she says with a grin. "I really want to write novels. I like allegorical stories like the Chronicles of Narnia and Pilgrim's Progress. One of my favorite books is Tolkein's The Hobbit. I think it would be amazing to create a world of your own and to write stories from that world."

Whatever worlds she ends up creating, Stacey knows she's been encouraged and equipped to use her words well-to both create and communicate. Of her own writing, and writing in general, she says, "I think words carry a lot of weight, so being able to use your words to convey your values, beliefs, passions, as well as the way you perceive the world is very important."