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Profile - Jansen

Claire Jansen '09
Professional Writing
Rogersville, MO

"It's funny," says Claire Jansen when asked how she got interested in writing. "Whenever I was little I used to say that my least favorite job would be to be an author. I thought it sounded so boring because you'd just sit there and write books. And then, you know how sometimes as you develop, your least favorite thing becomes your favorite thing?" Writing became Claire's favorite pursuit, far from the boring pastime she imagined when she was little. But then again, Claire admits that these types of contradictions have shaped what she's doing now, and what she hopes to do in the future.

"I didn't want to go to Baylor at first," she says. But I got a scholarship to Baylor, and it was kind of a family legacy-my grandparents met here, my aunt and uncle went here-and I knew it was a really good school. I decided that the reason I didn't want to come was that I was afraid, and that's not a good reason not to follow God's will. So I came."

As a professional writing major, Claire believes she is doing what she discovered as a passion on a mission trip when she was fifteen. "I realized that I wanted God to use my writing for missions' purposes," she says. And at Baylor, Claire has already had multiple opportunities to begin pursuing this passion. One of these experiences happened through her involvement in her church. "The associate pastor at my church has a nonprofit organization called Hoops for Hope. It's basically a mission's organization that's geared around basketball. I wrote some thank-you letters to businesses for a fundraiser that we did, and most recently I designed an informational brochure for a banquet. That was really fun. I also work for Friends for Life here in town-it's a nonprofit which focuses on the elderly and disabled. I interviewed a lady whom they'd built a ramp for and wrote an article for their newsletter." Claire says her dream job would be to write for some sort of Christian organization or mission's magazine. "It would be so fun to travel to all kinds of different mission fields all over the world and write about what's going on there and try to get people involved," she says. She plans on starting in the United States, however, right after graduation. "Right now the plan is that I'm going to start my own business this summer to earn money to attend the Focus on the Family Institute in Colorado. They have a one-semester program and one of the classes is a practicum where they place you in a Christian business in your career area." Jansen hopes to work for one of Focus on the Family's magazines, and she's confident that her time at Baylor and the experiences she's had while in college have prepared her well for her future.