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English Literature
Ebony Jackson Ebony Jackson
English, pre-law, military brat, Germany
"English is important. Language, both speech and writing, is very important," English major Ebony Jackson says. "It is so important that it is required in elementary school, it is required in middle school, high school; wherever you go, you are going to write. We can argue that it is one of the most important aspects of our education."
Mariela Lopez Mariela Lopez
English, San Antonio
"I loved to write timed essays" in high school says English major Mariela Lopez. While other people were groaning, Mariela anticipated the challenge. It was a love for writing and a reading of Charles Dickens' David Copperfield that led her to the decision to pursue a degree in English.
Professional Writing
Luke Blount Luke Blount
Professional Writing, Hewitt
"I have always wanted to be a writer," says professional writing major Luke Blount. Writing runs in his family. Luke's father is a journalist for, though after dabbling in journalism, Luke decided professional writing best fit his interests and talents.
Claire St. Amant Claire St. Amant
Professional Writing, Katy
"I want to be a writing major because writing is more fun than anything else I do," says professional writing major Claire St. Amant. "It's something that I enjoy doing, and I am always so excited when I have a finished product. Doing that for eight hours a day doesn't sound scary."
Cristin McAnear Cristin McAnear
Junior, Linguistics, Katy
"If I hadn't been a Baylor student I wouldn't have had this opportunity," says Cristin McAnear of her experience teaching English in Beijing, China, during summer 2006. Cristin is a student in Baylor's linguistics program and was working on her minor in Spanish at the time.
Kathryn Seay Kathryn Seay
University Scholar in Linguistics, Franklin, Tennessee
A self-described "phonetics and phonology nut," alumna Kathryn Seay combined her love of linguistics and her passion for missions in Ghana during summer 2006. Kathryn earned her BA from the University Scholars program in 2005 and was studying at Baylor's George W. Truett Theological Seminary when she traveled to Ghana.
Kathleen Miller Kathleen Miller
PhD in English Language and Literature, Cleburne
Victorian literature is more than just a topic in an English class for PhD student Kathleen Miller. "I love studying the contrasts between the popular misconceptions of the Victorians and the realities they could be pretty racy, to be honest," Kathleen says.
Dr. Greg Garrett Dr. Greg Garrett
Professor of English
For Dr. Greg Garrett, an enlightened education transcends the classroom's traditional boundaries, limitless in its potential for application. "I look at education as a formative experience," Garrett says. "Students in my classes should learn more than just subject matter." The fusion of art and life discovering art as a thread that binds all human activity is a centerpiece of his teaching.
Dr. Coretta Pittman Dr. Coretta Pittman
Assistant Professor of English
When Dr. Coretta Pittman came to Baylor in fall 2003, she brought with her a desire to provide students a perspective on composition and rhetoric by exploring current trends in music and challenging them to think critically.