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"NOCTURNE" by Dereck Clemons

"Time Is A Trickster" by Lori Tubbs

"The Vamp" by Lindsay Peterson

"9-11, The Bridge" by John Solter

"How It Happens" by Heather Oldham

"Gravity" by Jesse Manley

"The Ghetto" by Shamethia Webb

"Legs" by Lane Murphy

"Memorabilia" by Bethany L. Jones

2004 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Student Literary Contest of the Beall Poetry Festival 2004 who received award certificates and checks at a ceremony in the Foyer of Meditation of the Armstrong-Browning Library on the evening of April 1st.

Each received an invitation to a luncheon with the Festival writers, Linda Pastan, Galway Kinnell, and Denis Donoghue.

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2004 winners are:

DERECK CLEMONS, whose poem "NOCTURNE" won both The Academy of American Poets prize and the Virginia Beall Ball Poetry Prize.

LORI TUBBS for "Time Is A Trickster," winner of The Poetry In The Arts, Inc., Dr. Robert G. Collmer Award;

LINDSAY PETERSON for "The Vamp," winner of The Poetry in the Arts, Inc., Dr. James Barcus Award;

JOHN SOLTER for "The Bridge," winner of the third Poetry In The Arts, Inc. Awards, all sponsored by Ms. Peggy Lynch, member of Baylor's House of Poetry organization.

HEATHER OLDHAM for "How It Happens," winner of The House of Poetry Prize.

JESSE MANLEY for "Gravity" and SHAMETHIA WEBB for "the Ghetto" are winners of the two Phoenix Awards, sponsored by by the English Department's literary magazine, The Phoenix.

LANE MURPHY for "Legs" and BETHANY L. JONES for "Memorabilia," winners of the two Dorothy Scarborough Fiction Awards, given by the Baylor Alumni Association.

Also at the April 1st ceremony, RACHEL MOREHOUSE was awarded the Roy Cornelius Prize for Best Freshman Essay of the Year, given in memory of Roy Cornelius, Director of Freshman Composition 1964-1981.

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