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Jeannette Denton

Dr. Jeannette Marsh

Associate Professor

Coordinator of the Language and Linguistics Program


Historical Linguistics

Phonetics and Germanic Languages


Carroll Science, room 312

(254) 710-6985

Personal Website


Ph.D. University of Chicago


Jeannette Marshall Marsh's interests lie in the fields of language change, Old English and other early Germanic languages, historical dialectology, phonetics, and laboratory phonology. Her current research focuses on consonant geminations and consonantally conditioned vowel changes in medieval and pre-medieval Germanic languages, especially the effect of different articulations of /r/ on the quality and quantity of preceding vowels in Old English, Old High German, and American English dialects.

Selected Publications

"Learning language and culture through the use of videotape". In progress.

"Upper German Consonant Gemination and its West Germanic Predecessor". In progress.

"Phonetic insights into the articulation of early West Germanic /r/." Invited paper presented at the r-atics Workshop: sociolinguistic, phonetic and phonological Characteristics of /r/, May 2000, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

"The Acoustic Origins of North and West Germanic Consonant Gemination. " Presented at the Germanic Linguistics Sixth Annual Conference (GLAC6), April 2000, Milwaukee, WI.

"Phonetic motivation for consonant gemination: evidence from Greek, Romance, and Germanic." Proceedings of the XIVth International Congress of the Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS), 325-328, 1999.

"Phonetic Perspectives on West Germanic Consonant Gemination." The American Journal of Germanic Linguistics and Literatures (AJGLL), vol.10, 2:201-235, 1998.