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St. Amant

Claire St. Amant
Professional Writing
Katy, Texas

"I want to be a writing major because writing is more fun than anything else I do," says professional writing major Claire St. Amant. "It's something that I enjoy doing, and I am always so excited when I have a finished product. Doing that for eight hours a day doesn't sound scary."

Claire started out as a journalism major and realized after taking several English classes that professional writing fully encompassed her passions.

"I feel like a professional writing degree is always going to be useful because everyone writes; that's how we communicate. If you can do that effectively, or better than someone else, then you are going to be a valued part of society."

Claire's passions include world hunger, poverty, and problems in developing countries. She wrote a paper on world hunger her sophomore year and has had the opportunity to do some volunteer work in South America. She hopes to take her passion for social issues to the workplace.

"Whenever I'm doing something like that for class or for the Lariat (the Baylor student newspaper), I lose track of time because I enjoy doing it. I enjoy working on it, and I want to get better at it," says Claire, who writes articles almost daily for the school's paper. "I think that's the kind of job we all should have if it's something you can really lose yourself in and enjoy."

Claire sees English as the most practical major. "I think it's funny when people say, ‘You're majoring in English. What are you going to do with that?' I'm like, ‘Anything I want!' It gives you such a good, basic skill that a lot of people overlook."

Claire sees the integration of faith and learning as a "seamless interaction between who a person is in Christ through faith, and what the person is professionally." The integration manifests itself in many ways in her classes, whether it is the professor quoting directly from scripture, having a cheerful spirit, or being lenient for a student who has a serious family issue.

The career possibilities are endless for Claire. She can see herself as a religion writer for a newspaper, writing grants for a nonprofit agency, or working abroad teaching English as a Second Language and writing about her experiences.

"If you can communicate how you're feeling and what's going on effectively through writing, then you can change the world. You really can."