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Ebony Jackson
English, pre-law

"English is important. Language, both speech and writing, is very important," English major Ebony Jackson says. "It is so important that it is required in elementary school, it is required in middle school, high school; wherever you go, you are going to write. We can argue that it is one of the most important aspects of our education."

Of her plans to study another language, Ebony adds, "I figured, who am I to master someone else's language if I haven't mastered my own." She plans to attend law school and work internationally either in sports or entertainment law. Her ultimate goal is to work in child advocacy.

"I had to think about my options, what would help me in law school, but what would be beneficial if I don't go to law school," Ebony says. "I love our English department and professors. I get along well with them, and so I said this is somewhere I could be every day."

Ebony says she appreciates that her professors don't force their beliefs on her, but they do believe faith is an integral part of understanding literature.

"I think Dr. [Peaches] Henry is a good example. She suggests keeping a good dictionary and a Bible with you when you read because knowing the Bible is important to understanding literature. How can you understand Frankenstein or Paradise Lost without knowing Genesis?

Ebony has gained confidence in her writing and speaking ability as an English major. "More of my friends ask me to edit their essays. If you are an English major, automatically they assume you are the greatest writer ever," Ebony says. "They feel confident coming to me as an English major rather than to other people." This confidence has carried over into her other classes as well.

"What I think makes Baylor distinct period is if you come here, it is about excellence, being great. It's about being great at whatever you want. That is what Baylor is about," Ebony says.