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Luke Blout '10
Professional Writing
Hewitt, Texas

"I have always wanted to be a writer," says professional writing major Luke Blount. Writing runs in his family. Luke's father is a journalist for, though after dabbling in journalism, Luke decided professional writing best fit his interests and talents.

"I know that a lot of other schools don't have a professional writing degree; they may have a creative writing degree," Luke says. "I think the fact that [Baylor has] something in between that wasn't journalism and wasn't English ™ was something that I was really interested in."

His word of advice for undecided majors, "If you are interested in writing, and you want to delve into a lot of different things instead of just focusing on journalism and journalism law, or [focusing on] just literature, then professional writing would probably be what you want to do."

Luke enjoys the close community the English department fosters. "All of the teachers are personal with you. It is really tight-knit."

Luke realized how powerful writing can be in high school. A big NASCAR fan, he was devastated when racing legend Dale Earnhardt died.

"I remember I was sitting in class, and I wrote something about him to take my mind off it. I ended up showing it to some people who were also into NASCAR. They loved it, and some of them it made emotional," Luke says. That experience made him realize that "writing can have an impact on people."

Luke is a student assistant in Athletic Media Relations at Baylor. He travels with the basketball and football teams when they play the University of Texas and Texas A&M. The stories he writes are posted at One of Luke's notable assignments was covering the men's basketball Big 12 tournament.

Luke also has had articles published in the Waco Tribune-Herald. In addition, some of his works of poetry are published in a book that several of his friends compiled. Luke and his friends printed around 300 copies of Warrior Poet Society, which features poems on romance, the meaning of life, and existential subjects.

After graduating, Luke wants to attend graduate school at Baylor for a degree in public relations and hopes to write for a magazine one day.