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The Graduate Student Housing Community

Graduate Housing

Baylor has two graduate student communities: Browning Square and The Quadrangle. The single-bedroom units at Browning Square and the two-bedroom units at The Quadrangle can accommodate singles, roommates, families, children, and pets. These complexes are affordable and well-maintained. Both provide a quiet, adult residence with a living area suitable to the professional lives of graduate students, and both are within walking distance of the English Department.

Strong Community

These communities allow graduate students, their families, and their friends to gather for social, spiritual, and academic pursuits. Residents often attend community events and share in fellowship, friendship, and ideas. Past opportunities include both academic and social events such as holiday dinners, lectures, games, and cookouts. Both the Quadrangle and Browning Square have swimming pools, space for hosting parties, and there is even a community garden. Living in one of these complexes can help you become integrated into the graduate school community and form new and valuable friendships.

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