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Welcome to our Resources section, which highlights some of Baylor's unique offerings and provides helpful information for English faculty and students alike.


The Featured Faculty Projects page highlights recent publications and other accomplishments of our faculty.


The Advising & Registration page gives simple instructions and links for undergraduate course selection.


The Study Abroad page gives an overview of Baylor's three exciting study abroad programs that offer English classes.


The English Major Career Possibilities page gives specific job ideas to help English students plan their careers, showing that English is practical.


The Armstrong Browning Library site showcases Baylor's beautiful research library, which is devoted to British poets Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. This library houses resources for 19th-century research and provides a unique place to study. It also offers fascinating museum exhibits on the Brownings and temporary exhibits described in the ABL blog.


The Literary Research Resources page provides links that are helpful for scholars who are doing literary research, seeking to publish criticism, or needing to look up a technical term.


The Helpful Writing Handouts page provides writing handouts on grammar, style, organization, and revision, among other topics.


The Research Paper Help page provides handouts to help both students and instructors working on research papers, especially those in English 1304. Topics covered include MLA format, avoiding plagiarism, and writing a thesis statement.