Learn from Mentors

Finding the right mentors can be the key that unlocks so many key elements of your future. We have seen it so many times before that it becomes unmistakable: the students who put themselves in the way of mentorship develop clearer visions about what is possible with their lives, feel more empowered to take the right kinds of risks, find doors opened that otherwise they might not have even known existed, and have the support that will help propel them to where they want to go. Having a few Baylor faculty and staff members in your corner will become indispensable to your ambitions. These are the people who will write the letters you need to win the Marshall or go to Harvard. They will introduce you to the researcher you'll spend a summer with. They will open you to networks of former students who are out in the world leading the spaces you care about.

Finding these mentor relationships won't happen overnight. And yet, it is also something you must seek after early. Make acquaintance with a professor whose course energizes you. (Don't stay too long when you go to his/her office; rather, go with a purpose and send a brief thank you note afterward that shows you appreciate the time and counsel.) This does not mean you automatically adhere to the career choice that your favorite professor made; indeed, teaching may not be the right profession for you (but the role of a scholar-professor is perfect for some). Sometimes a professor is not encouraging when you mention a field. Take that seriously, but also get a second opinion from another valued adviser. Ask questions of your professors when you visit them in-office hours. Learn about their work, even consider reading it before you arrive. They will relish your questions and value your interest. 

Over time, these relationships will blossom, and you will be all the better for it.

Please also know that we in the Office of Engaged Learning are here for you, too. We might or might not be in your field of interest, but we are often connected to the people who are. And be assured in knowing that our role is to help guide you and launch you, something we would treasure the chance to do.

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