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What do we mean when we talk about Fellowships & Awards? Different from the need-based or merit scholarships and grants that provide tuition support, the fellowships and awards we help Baylor students discover and bid toward are funded by external sources such as government agencies and foundations that support a specific mission. These fellowships and awards are competitive at the national and international level and tend to be highly prestigious, offering recipients the opportunities of a lifetime, sometimes even a "golden ticket" to their ambitions. 

In our office, we often say that there are entities out there (foundations or governments) who possess significant resources (finances and networks) that they hope to use in support of helping bright, talented, and ambitious young people (you!) realize their ambitions (especially if those ambitions involve things like societal leadership, cross-cultural ambassadorship, or research). Our role is to help connect you to these incredible opportunities.

To be sure, this can be a tricky terrain to navigate. So let us be clear: if it all sounds too confusing to you, you are not alone! It is our job to demystify this landscape for you. We are here to learn about your interests and ambitions, to point you toward opportunities that might match them, and then to help you with every step of the process as you shape your story for the decision-making bodies who can help accelerate your aspirations.

Office of Engaged Learning Resources

The Office of Engaged Learning serves all Baylor students—undergraduates and graduate students—as well as Baylor alumni. If the thought of pursuing a nationally or internationally competitive fellowship or award sounds interesting to you, the OEL can provide:

  • Assistance in determining which awards might be right for you
  • Pathways toward excellence in the kinds of activities that will make you competitive
  • General guidance on application processes
  • Writing consultation and feedback for application materials and essays
  • Access to alumni networks—the members of that Good Ole Baylor Line who have won these awards before you
  • Informational sessions and writing workshops
  • Assistance in obtaining letters of recommendation and university endorsement letters
  • Financial support for travel to selection interviews
  • Pre-departure support and resources once you've won

In every case, our assistance is tailored to you—to your interests, your ambitions, and your needs. We encourage you to read the pages here that are most applicable to your particular station, whether you are a first-year student or a graduate student, a STEM student or an artist. Please also take some time to tinker with our Searchable Award Database as you begin to think about which awards could be right for you. And as always, please feel free to contact us with your questions.

This section of our website is a starting point, devoted to helping you at any stage in your academic journey as you begin to understand and begin to navigate the process of applying.

If you're a first-year student, start navigating here.

If you're a second-year student, start navigating here.

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