Uchechukwu Oguchi

The U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship

The Award

The U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship in Arabic is a program that provides 8 weeks of intensive and immersive Arabic language and cultural study through the Noor Majan Training Institute in Ibri, Oman.

At Baylor 

Uchechukwu is a proud BICer (Baylor Interdisciplinary Core) working towards a BA in University Scholars with concentrations in International Studies, and Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies. She is also a Community Leader at North Russell Hall and a McNair Scholar. 

Her Future 

After graduating in May 2023, Uchechukwu hopes to pursue a career in research and international development.

More from Uchechukwu 

I decided to apply for this program because I was looking for a way to continue my Arabic studies over the summer. I also wanted to develop relationships and exposure to the Arab world. The application process required a lot of introspection and patience. I needed to reflect and discern why I enjoy learning Arabic and articulate that clearly to someone else. I am most excited to meet new people (within my cohort and in Oman) and gain confidence in my speaking and listening abilities. I hope that the CLS solidifies my Arabic skills and know that it will push me closer to my goal of fluency. Gaining stronger command of Arabic will open up doors for engaging with Arabic scholarship and new communities of people I have never known before. If you are even considering it at all, just apply! I was worried because I decided to apply late in the process and did not even feel like I fit the type of student that they would be looking for. However, I am glad that I put myself out there despite those feelings. 

I would love for future applicants to reach out to me to hear about my experience! 

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