Courtney Haubert

The Fulbright Award

The Award

This Fulbright Award will fund an English Teaching Assistant program to Bulgaria.

At Baylor 

Courtney graduated with a BA in philosophy and psychology in the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core and Honors Program. She was a Civic Interfaith Leader with the Department of Multicultural Affairs and Office of Spiritual Life, a research assistant in Dr. Gary Elkins' Mind-Body Medicine Research Lab, a Peer Instructor in the BIC, and a Community Leader in Collins Hall.

Her Future 

Courtney has deferred enrollment at Harvard Divinity School and will begin a Master of Theological Studies in the fall of 2023, focusing on comparative studies in philosophy of religion. She hopes to eventually earn a PhD and pursue a career in either teaching or international diplomacy.

More from Courtney 

I never thought I would apply for a Fulbright. When I heard about it in my freshman year, I thought it sounded amazing, but that it was only for a certain "type" of person, who had been training for this sort of thing their whole life. Over the next few years, I would fall in love with academics and teaching, and when my friend Kenadie mentioned that she wanted to apply for a Fulbright, I figured I'd give it a second thought. She eventually opted for law school, but I went ahead and started my application. The more I learned about the program, the more perfect it seemed for my skillset, experience, and interests. It felt less like I was competing for a prestigious award, and more like I was exploring how I can contribute to the world in a way that felt uniquely my own. Of course, it was a lot of hard work, but I had an amazing support system of faculty and staff standing beside me every step of the way.

Receiving this life-changing award means so much to me, but more importantly, to my community. Everything I have accomplished is because of the love, support, and guidance that has upheld me through my time at Baylor. When I get to Bulgaria, I am most looking forward to building empathic and meaningful relationships with people whose cultures, lifestyles, and perspectives differ from my own, especially in a region that is so often forgotten or misrepresented in the American imagination. This award has opened doors that I never would have imagined for myself, and I can only imagine the ways it will continue to influence and inform my graduate work when I return to the US. If this resonates with you, all I can say is apply! There are only so many opportunities to do something like this, I am so grateful that I took the chance, put in the work, and was blessed with this incredible gift. 

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