Recent Award Winner Profiles

Research shows us that one of the most important ways to grow is to become aware of what are called "relevant and attainable exemplars." Stated plainly, that simply means that it is helpful to be influenced by people we admire who have been in situations similar to our own. Baylor has been home to many exceptional people who have gone before you to win awards and continue on toward great things beyond. It has been our joy in the Office of Engaged Learning to work with them and help launch them on that journey. But we'll let you in on a little secret: most of these students were just like you, probably a little apprehensive about applying for these opportunities and all but certain that there were other people more qualified—that these awards were surely meant for someone else. And yet, they won! 

We believe the same can be true for you. Take a moment to get to know some of these folks by clicking through their profiles. Perhaps you'll see yourself in some of them and recognize that they are, in fact, relevant and attainable exemplars. In fact, as you'll see, many of these generous souls are even willing to talk with you about their own journeys, to offer you advice about how you can follow them. We're here to make those connections.

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