Fulbright Application Process at Baylor

The Baylor Fulbright Application Process

The Baylor application process for undergraduate students begins in the spring of their junior year and they submit their applications in the fall of their senior year, though we will gladly work you whenever you contact us about the award, so please do reach out with your interest. We begin working with graduate students at any point in their program and alums whenever they contact us. Like with our undergraduate applicants, we start the application process for graduate students and alums in the spring and will happily work with you to begin the application process whenever you contact us. We have a team of experts, led by Baylor's Fulbright Program Advisors (FPAs) Dr. Andy Hogue and Dr. Daniel Benyousky, who are here to guide you through this process, from introductory information all the way to final submission of an application.

Initial Steps

1. If you plan to apply during the upcoming award cycle and have not been in contact with Dr. Benyousky, the first thing you will want to do is email him (daniel_benyousky@baylor.edu) to express your interest.

2. If you have not already, we would like you to watch these videos from the Fulbright website. The first video offers a general overview of the Fulbright US Student Program, the second considers the Study/Research award, and fourth talks about the English Teaching Assistant award (you can skip the third video for now). All three short videos offer helpful information about the Fulbright.

3. We also ask that you watch this video from a recent information session offering specific guidance on our Baylor application process.

If you would like to apply for the Fulbright for the upcoming cycle and have not let us know yet, please email Dr. Benyousky so that we may help you launch your application.

Upcoming Workshops and Important Dates

You will next want to attend the following workshops and pay attention to the important dates listed below. Please also feel free to drop by Dr. Hogue and Dr Benyousky's weekly Zoom office hours at any point during the application process to ask them questions. You can find their office hour details below.

April 7th at 3 pm: Selecting a country for the Study/Research award. In this in person meeting, we will offer guidance on how to select which country you plan to apply for. We will post the room we will meet in shortly.

April 13th at 3 pm: Selecting a country for the ETA award. In this in person meeting, we will offer guidance on how to select which country you plan to apply for. We will post the room we will meet in shortly.

April 20th at 3 pm in Draper 152: Study//Research essay meeting.

April 21st at 3 pm in Draper 152: ETA essay meeting.

April 29th: Submit the country and award you are applying for and what you plan to do between now and October to strengthen your chances for Fulbright through this Google Form

May 16th-31st: Essay freewriting meeting. This meeting will serve as a launching point for your essays. Essay freewriting document and application details form due. More details to follow.

We will post the important dates and deadlines for the summer and fall later in the spring

Fulbright Office Hours

Drop by our Zoom office hours anytime you have questions. This is a great way to ask us any questions you have and there is no need to make an appointment. We will continue these office hours all the way through the campus submission deadline.

Thursdays at 2-3 pm from March 3rd-May 12th: Fulbright office hours with Dr. Benyousky (Zoom link to join)

Fridays at 2-3 pm from March 18-May 13: Fulbright office hours with Dr. Hogue (Zoom link to join)

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