Elizabeth Vardaman Award Winners


Dr. Annie Ginty, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Dr. Marty Harvill, Senior Lecturer of Biology
Dr. Ivy Hammerly, Senior Lecturer of Political Science
Prof. Maxey Parish, Senior Lecturer of Journalism, Public Relations, and New Media
Dr. Coretta Pittman, Associate Professor of English
Prof. Wiff Rudd, Professor of Trumpet
Dr. Jason Whitt, Senior Lecturer in the Honors Program

Dr. Lacy McNamee, Associate Professor of Communication, Winner of the Research Leadership Award


Dr. David Bridge, Associate Professor of Political Science
Prof. John Cunningham, Senior Lecturer of Communication Studies
Dr. Rebecca Flavin, Senior Lecturer of Political Science 
Dr. Kevin Pinney, Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Pedro Reyes, Associate Professor of Management
Dr. Michael Scullin, Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
Dr. Michael Trakselis, Associate Professor of Chemistry


Dr. Susan Bratton, Professor of Environmental Science

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