GHSN Spheres

Partnership Sphere

Co-Directors: Leah McAleer, Saisha Singh 

Semester Goals:

Facilitate sustainable local and global partnerships in which Baylor students can contribute to the health of people in the Waco community and globally. 

Current Partner: Kindred Hospice

Opportunity to serve terminally ill patients on hospice care by providing comfort and your time through shared interests. 

Education Sphere

Co-Directors: Justin Nguyen, Ryan Parker


To cultivate a deeper understanding of the interdisciplinary field of Global Health through practical and moral development.


Book and Film Club

Wednesday, April 20th at 6:00PM

Movie-night: Friday, April 29th at 6:00PM

National Global Health Conference

Research Sphere

Director: Alysia Martinez


To discuss and learn about current global health research in order to better understand health policy, healthcare delivery, and current events.


Journal Club 

Journal Club is an event constituted of individuals who meet regularly to critically evaluate recent articles in the academic literature, such as the scientific or medical literature. Journal Club is a unique opportunity where we can expose ourselves to novel and exciting research currently happening in the field of Global Health! By developing a greater understanding of Global Health, we can become better advocates.

Research Workshops and Database

To resource students with tools to engage in and connect with global health research.

Advocacy Sphere

Co-Directors: Diya D'Souza, Isha Gondi


To introduce students to advocacy initiatives in Waco and beyond.


Advocacy and Grant Writing Workshops 

Will serve as an introduction and guide to advocacy initiatives

Local Initiatives

Students will be involved in various local initiatives 

Baylor Initiatives

Baylor student body will work together on a global health initiative of common interest.

Annual Events Sphere

Director: Gabriela Cruz


Global Health Week (Fall 2020)

  1. Hosted in the Fall Semester of each school year
  2. Exposing students and engaging a conversation across the university in the field of Global Health
  3. Creating a structure to host Global Health leaders from around the world
  4. Providing the opportunity for students to participate in a Global Health Case Competition

Global Health Day on April 7th, 2022

Provide information on Global Health issues, and involve students in ways to embrace Global Health topics.

Office of Engaged Learning

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