Global Surgery
  1. Maintaining the Baylor and National Global Surgery Student Alliance relationship
  2. Promoting sustainable and accessible surgical, obstetric and anesthesia care worldwide through student awareness and advocacy
  3. Fostering learning opportunities for students interested in pursuing a career in Global Surgery



  1. Seeking to maintain healthy partnership with the Waco outreach partners
  2. Advocating for strong and longitudinal partnerships between Baylor students and the Waco community.


  1. Creating a just pathway for Baylor students to get involved with equitable global service
  2. Finding and maintaining global outreaches that can involve Baylor students and foster a growth in thought, experience, and perspective

  1. Planning and executing ethics training for local and global service
  2. Connecting students with educational resources provided by the National School of Tropical Medicine
  3. Encouraging and providing means for students to attend different Global Health conferences
  4. Creating workshops to equip students in their understanding of scientific literature

Annual Events
  1. Global Health Week
    1. Hosted in the Fall Semester of each school year
    2. Exposing students and engaging a conversation across the university in the field of Global Health
    3. Creating a structure to host Global Health leaders from around the world
    4. Providing the opportunity for students to participate in a Global Health Case Competition
  2. Global Health Day on April 7th, 2022
  3. Hosting semesterly book clubs wherein which students can engage in personal discussions regarding memoirs, biographies, and novels in the Global Health dialogue

  1. Collecting and maintaining a database of Global Health research at Baylor
  2. Connecting students with faculty to promote active participation with Global Health research
  3. Hosting biweekly journal clubs relating to scientific literature on Global Health

  1. Locating campaigns regarding Global Health issues around the world and creating pathways for Baylor students to get involved
  2. Reaching out to local and national Global Health policymakers and connecting Baylor students to support their efforts
  3. Starting own advocacy campaigns regarding different fields that interest Baylor students

External Communication


  1. Creating and maintaining ethical and effective drives for various Global and local fundraisers
  2. Participating in existing charities regarding local and Global Health


  1. Promoting Global Health events, projects, and mission trips on campus and social media
  2. Maintaining a connection to the general Baylor student population regarding Global Health activities

Office of Engaged Learning

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