Mission, Vision, Goals & Objectives


The Global Health Student Network is a community of interdisciplinary students who advocate for global health equity and greater healthcare access around the world. 

  1. To expose, cultivate, and equip student leaders in Global Health at Baylor
  2. To strengthen our Global Health conversation, research, and service at Baylor
  3. To unify a diverse set of students in their pursuit of career in Global Health

Goals & Objectives
  1. To participate in longitudinal local service in Waco, TX
  2. To connect students with equitable global service opportunities
  3. To support Global Health causes through fundraising efforts
  4. To provide Global Health speaker events, research, workshops, and resources for Baylor students


Celine Rukiidi

Senior, Biology

As a student on the pre-medical track at Baylor, I knew I wanted to be a part of the Global Health conversation on campus. My passion to fight for equity in the field of healthcare, at home and abroad, has inspired my work on in building the Global Health Student Network. My long-term career goal is become an empathetic, culturally sensitive primary care physician that works with underserved populations in my community. Specifically, I am interested in meeting the healthcare needs of immigrant and refugees in the U.S.

Esther Jeong

Senior, University Scholar

My passion for Global Health comes from my experiences in the Middle East as well as my time as a pre-med student at Baylor. There is a need and urgency for a dialogue for Global Health in the pursuit of equity, which encouraged me to partner with Celine to build the Global Health Student Network. My professional goal is to intersect medicine and Public Health as a physician and advocate for the underserved. My personal goal is to be empathetic and mindful as I continue to open my perspectives and interact within multidisciplinary teams. 

Office of Engaged Learning

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Draper 244
Waco, TX 76798

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