Fulbright Awards

Introductory Information About The Fulbright Awards

The Fulbright awards offer a chance of a lifetime to spend a year studying, researching, or teaching abroad while building cultural bridges between the US and your host country. The Fulbright is open to graduating seniors, graduate students, and alumni, though it is never too early to consider the Fulbright. There are two main awards: the Study/Research award, which funds graduate study or research in the host country, and the English Teaching Assistant (ETA) award, where grantees work as an English teaching assistant. You can apply for one award to one country.

Central to both awards is the pursuit of cultural exchange, where grantees pursue mutual understanding between the US and the host country by sharing their experiences of US culture and are receptive to their host country’s culture. Funded by the Department of State, the Fulbright awards offer a kind of soft diplomacy, building cultural bridges between the US and countries around the world. Award winners are inquisitive, adaptable, and flexible. Academic excellence is a component of the Fulbright, but there is no GPA minimum.

The Baylor application process for undergraduate students begins in the spring of their junior year and they submit their applications in the fall of their senior year, though we work with students whenever they contact us about the award. It is, however, never too early to contact us and learn about the Fulbright. We have a team of experts, led by Baylor Fulbright Program Advisors Dr. Andy Hogue and Dr. Daniel Benyousky, who are here to guide you through this process, from introductory information all the way to final submission of an application.

Baylor students have had great success winning Fulbright awards over the years. The Fulbright has launched them toward all manner of future ambitions—whether in medicine, law, public service, or a wide variety of other fields. This year, we have a record 26 finalists.

Here is a short video from several previous Baylor Fulbright winners telling you why you should consider applying.

And here is a video from Baylor Fulbright grantees talking about their experience on the award.


Next Steps in the Fulbright Process

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