Student Research Opportunities in Art and Art History

Below you will find a listing of all available research opportunities in Art and Art History. Please use the contact information listed in each posting for further information regarding the research opportunity.

Nathan Elkins

Greek and Roman Art & Archaeology; Roman History

I study the material and visual culture of the Roman Empire, with specific focuses in political and social history and imperial ideology. I also have more general expertise in Greek art, architecture, and archaeology. Some past mentored projects include: -Supervising student archival research and database development that contributed to my book, The Image of Political Power in the Reign of Nerva (OUP, 2017). Those students presented on their work at a national conference. Selected Honors Theses I have been involved with: -"The Chigi Group: A New Interpretation of Protocorinthian Vase Painting from the Perspective of the Phoenician Metal Bowl Tradition." -“Sarcophagi at Santa Costanza: Reexamining the Layout and Use of the Mausoleum.” -“Weaver of Tales: Interconnected Imagery in the House of the Citharist,”

Course Credit: NA
Begin Date: Anytime
Semesters Available: Fall and Full Summer
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Sean DeLouche

18th and 19th Century Art History

Dr. DeLouche’s research interests include Romanticism, portraiture, reception theory, and theories of identity.

Recommended Pre-requisites:
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Begin Date: ongoing
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