Major Fellowships and Awards

This section of the website catalogs fellowships, scholarships, internships, and other awards at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. These lists, while certainly not exhaustive, offer an excellent entry point into prestigious, national and international awards.

Peruse the lists to see what is on offer in your sophomore or junior or senior years that would be a perfect "next step" in your undergraduate or graduate journey. Familiarize yourself with the various awards and begin preparing through coursework and life-work to show that your skills, values, and interests are complementary to the award for which you are interested in applying. The academic program and the application process can work hand-in-hand. Some students begin at least a year ahead of the due date for submitting a competitive application to a national/international foundation.

Indeed, none of these scholarships can be approached on a last-minute basis. Please contact your professors and the scholarship campus representatives for more details. In some cases, such as the Truman, Goldwater, Fulbright, Rhodes, Marshall, and Gates Cambridge, you will need a campus endorsement to proceed with the completion of the process. Many other awards may be submitted directly to the foundations. The sooner you become familiar with the opportunities that are available, the sooner you may be inspired to begin thinking and dreaming toward applying for an award that may be ideal for your personal and professional future.

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