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What follows is the undergraduate student profile for our Major Fellowships and Awards Program. Our faculty read and respond to these profiles as part of our effort to support students as they explore the world of merit and prestigious awards. An initiative of the College of Arts & Sciences, our Fellowships and Awards Program brings faculty together to work closely with students who seek an extraordinary undergraduate education and who possess high aspirations for their next steps after Baylor. Our support encompasses giving students an overview of the world of competitive scholarships; helping them determine which award(s) if any for which to apply; explaining the eligibility requirements and selection criteria for each award; helping students edit, revise, and polish their application documents; strategizing with students about whom to ask to write their letters of recommendation--and so on. This profile is simply the first step in our getting to know you and beginning this process. And just so you know: we will use your profile for the exclusive purpose of assisting you in applying for scholarships and fellowships of national scope and high caliber. It does not leave our office.

We are an academic program, housed within the College of Arts & Sciences, and have no affiliation with the Baylor Financial Aid Office. The Financial Aid Office (254-710-2611, Clifton Robinson Tower, Suite 150) can help you with the FAFSA, loans and grants, and campus scholarship opportunities for funding your Baylor education. We work solely in helping students compete for extramural fellowships and scholarships that bring with them lifetime recognition as, for example, a Goldwater recipient, Marshall Scholar, Truman Scholar, or Fulbright ETA. Some of the awards we support fund undergraduate education and others graduate school but in each case the financial support of the award, while significant and certainly liberating, is not its primary benefit; rather, these awards give their winners access: access to the highest quality scholar-teachers in their discipline and the resources (i.e. laboratories, archives, data, technology) that surround these individuals' research; access to universities that house these scholar-teachers; access to peers who are future leaders and stakeholders in their discipline; access (in many cases) to living internationally for one to three years.

Set aside fifteen or twenty minutes to complete this document, and please note, you will need to complete the profile in one sitting as there is no way to save the profile and complete it over the course of a day or days.

We look forward to meeting you in person and discussing how our team can support your goals and enrich your Baylor experience. We will contact you, using the information you have provided, to arrange a convenient time for you to come in see us.

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