Study Abroad

The Office of Engaged Learning does considerable work to help students discover opportunities to live, work, travel, and study abroad.  Sometimes this is through efforts in major fellowships and awards, where the Office supports scores of students each year in their pursuit of the Rhodes, Fulbright, Marshall, Gates Cambridge, Mitchell, or Schwarzman awards.  In other instances, we work with students to discover study abroad opportunities and to take advantage of our relationships with global partners that align with their goals and interests. Additionally, it involves collaboration with our close partners in the Center for Global Engagement and with faculty in various departments across the university to promote existing programs and create new programs that offer students a chance to pursue multiple facets of engaged learning—internships, civic engagement, and research—while experiencing new geographies and cultures.

Currently, we have big plans underway to grow new opportunities abroad, seeking support from financial partners who will help make these plans reality.  We also invite students to bring us their ideas to grow our initiatives abroad so we might help them find just the right experiences to maximize their education! 


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