The Elizabeth Vardaman Faculty Awards

The Elizabeth Vardaman Awards annually recognizes Baylor faculty members who go above and beyond in mentoring undergraduate students. The “Betsy” awards, as these have been nicknamed, honor Professor Elizabeth Vardaman for her 39 years of mentoring Baylor students as they seek to maximize their education through learning beyond the classroom. 

There are two categories of "Betsy" awards: Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduates and Excellence in Research Leadership, each of which includes a $1,000 cash prize and trophy.

The Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduates award  is presented annually to seven faculty members—from any of Baylor's colleges and schools—who go beyond the call of duty in their mentorship of undergraduates, demonstrating excellence in, and sustained commitment to, helping these students excel through engaged learning activities.  This includes, but is not limited to, mentorship in activities such as: 

  • guided research, scholarship, and creative expression; 
  • internships, employment, or professional development; 
  • academically informed civic and community engagement; 
  • study abroad and other off-campus learning; 
  • pursuit of major fellowships and awards; 
  • and leadership development.   

The Excellence in Research Leadership award recognizes individuals, programs, or organizations that best demonstrate leadership, imagination, and persistence in developing research opportunities for undergraduate students. 

Call for Nominations 

Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduates

Excellence in Research Leadership

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