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The Office of Engaged Learning is a central hub of programs through which students discover opportunities to maximize their undergraduate education by learning beyond the classroom.  Here, faculty and staff work with a diverse array of students to moor the transformational work they do in the classroom to opportunities for application and engagement.  Our office brings together mentoring opportunities for students across fields of study, empowering our undergraduates to:

  • deepen learning by participating in faculty-led research,
  • apply burgeoning academic expertise to work for the good of the community,
  • broaden and diversify understanding through global involvement,
  • gain valuable professional experience through internships, especially in research and public service, and
  • compete for major fellowships and awards at the national and international level. 

Those of us in the Office of Engaged Learning spend our days dreaming big—and helping students discover and navigate the pathways that lead toward their ambitions. We help students every day discover new possibilities, whether that is a chance to zoom in on their enchantment with happens under a microscope or to broaden their view by exploring far-flung corners of the globe. We help our students attain—or gain the confidence to attain—major fellowships, awards, and internships. We help our students find partners in the community, state, nation, and world that will help them apply their learning to promote human flourishing. Most importantly, we help to expand and enrich the circles within which our students move and have their being so they might strive toward what the First Epistle to Timothy calls "the life that really is life," where they maximize their own potential for the good of their neighbors, friends, families, communities, and the world at large.

If that sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please join us! Start by emailing us at Engagedlearning@baylor.edu or calling 710-3231 to find out more. 

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