Frequently Asked Questions about BTRUE

1)      Do I have to be a Baylor student to participate in BTRUE?

Yes, you have to be a Baylor student to participate in BTRUE.

2)      Can I apply as a freshman? 

Yes, you can apply as a freshman. Priority is given to rising sophomores and juniors but we encourage all students to apply.

3)      Can I participate in BTRUE even though I am graduating in May?

No.  If you are graduating in May right before BTRUE starts, then you cannot participate in BTRUE because you will not be a Baylor student. 

4)      Can I take classes while doing BTRUE?

No.  The purpose of BTRUE is to give the student a complete experience by immersing the student in their research and professional development.  Students will work around 40 hours per week, sometimes more depending on their research. The stipend is meant to help the student to concentrate in their work.

5)      Can I go on vacation with my family while on BTRUE?

That depends on how long is the vacation.  A couple of days is acceptable; two or more weeks unthinkable. This is a serious research experience and students are expected to be in lab 10-weeks.

6)      When does BTRUE start?

Usually starts Wednesday after Memorial Day and ends on Wednesday 10 weeks after it starts.

7)      Can I live on campus while participating in BTRUE?

No.  Students are allowed to live on-campus only if they are taking classes. Since BTRUE students are not taking classes they must live off campus.  BTRUE students are responsible for their summer living arrangements.