Virginia Crump Award - Outstanding Female in Community Service

Award Description

The Virginia Crump Award for Outstanding Female Student in Community Service is given annually to a current Baylor female student to provide special recognition for her individual contribution of time, talent, and effort in the Waco community.

The Virginia Crump Award was initiated in 1988. The late Ms. Virginia Crump served the students of Baylor in many capacities during her years as a university administrator. After graduating from Baylor with her Bachelor's Degree in 1946, Ms Crump worked in the university library. She went on to receive her Master's Degree in Educational Psychology and served as Assistant Dean of Students from 1961-1982. Ms Crump led the task force that brought Mortar Board and national sororities to Baylor. She served on the board for the Girl Scout Council, YWCA, and the Waco symphony. Ms Crump retired from Baylor in 1982. This award continues to honor the service and volunteerism that Ms. Crump demonstrated, and is awarded annually to an undergraduate female Baylor student who has exhibited an exemplary dedication to community service.

  • Nominee must have personally contributed much of her time, talent and effort toward serving others in the community.
  • Nominee needs to have demonstrated commitment to serving others over the course of her college career, including but not limited to activities through Baylor student organizations or community agencies.
  • Nominee does not need to have held a leadership position, as this prize is awarded primarily on the basis of service and is not intended to be a leadership award.

Past Winners

Hannah Bogue (2015-2016)

Sara Long (2014-2015)

Stephanie Nguyen (2011-12)

Taylor Payne (2008-09)

Estee Hernandez (2007-08)

Lindsey Coffman (2006-07)

Sarah Jinkerson (2006-07)

Lauren Murphey (2005-06)

Megan Gary (2004-05)

Brandi Glaspie (2003-04)

Lisa Stutzenbecker (2002-03)

Katie Kauppila (2001-02)

Jen Wolfinger (2000-01)

Zohra Momin (1999-2000)

Cara Terp (1998-99)

Whitney Taylor (1997-98)

Melissa Province (1996-97)

Sara Rickman (1995-96)

Erin L. Culpepper (1994-95)

Kimberly Johnson (1993-94)

Dawn Hancock (1992-93)

Dana Kay Green (1991-92)

Felicity C. Watson (1990-91)

Angela Woodley (1989-90)

Cheryl Segura (1988-89)

Ruth Boardman (1987-88)