Sarah Picken

Baylor Interdisciplinary Poverty Initiative (BIPI)

Our Mission:

The Baylor Interdisciplinary Poverty Initiative (BIPI) is designed to create a catalyst for social change around issues of poverty, social justice, and human capability. The project is administered through the Division of Student Life in partnership with a faculty director and advisory committee. There is a focus on discipline-based service, and faculty partnerships and civic research is encouraged.
BIPI serves as the umbrella for several affiliate projects and initiatives such as the Campus Kitchens Project at Baylor, an interdisciplinary minor in Poverty and Social Justice, an 8-10 week summer internship and fellowship program, issue specific immersion trips, conferences and symposia.

Baylor Students with Intent To Apply:

  • Review Shepherd Internship Policies, Procedures , Placement Opportunities
  • Secure a faculty recommendation in their chosen discipline
  • Provide a Resume
  • Submit recent GPA
  • Schedule an interview with Selection Committee through Rosemary Townsend, Director Business Affairs & Community Partnerships by February 10, 2014

When approved as a Baylor candidate, follow instructions as stated in the Shepherd Internship documents posted on the CES website.

BIPI Timeline 2013-2014

BIPI FactSheet 2013-2014

Our Initiatives:

BIPI Scholars

Minor in Poverty and Social Justice

Baylor University Campus Kitchen