Shepherd Scholar Summer Internships

Community Engagement and Service (CES) prides itself in giving students the opportunity to participate in meaningful 8-10 week summer and semester-long internship experiences. The internship and fellowship programs are based on some important initiatives supported by CES - poverty, social justice, and human capability. These discipline-based service opportunities offer students the chance to explore their passion for social issues in a professional atmosphere.

Baylor Students with Intent To Apply:
  • Review Shepherd Internship Program Details and Placement Opportunities
  • Secure a faculty recommendation in your chosen discipline
  • Provide a Resume
  • Submit recent GPA
  • Schedule an interview with Selection Committee through Ramona Curtis, Director for Community Engagement and Initiatives, by January 15, 2016
  • When approved as a Baylor candidate, follow instructions as stated in the Shepherd Internship documents posted on the CES website.
Find out more information, email Ramona Curtis
Past Shepherd Scholars
  • Tracy Orozco
  • Sarah Lackner
  • Celeste Boduch
  • Jaziah Masters- Super Kids Camp, Baltimore, MD
  • Becca Craigen- Dorchester Bay Development Corporation, Boston, MA
  • Annabel Simpson- Bethany Women's Center, Washington, D.C.
  • Maneesha Julakanti- Super Kids Camp, Baltimore, MD

Read about the experiences of past Baylor Shepherd interns:
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