A.A. Hyden Award for Outstanding Student Group in Community Service


The A.A. Hyden Award for Outstanding Student Group in Community Service is given annually to a student group to provide special recognition for their valuable contributions of service to the Waco community. This award is given to groups that have demonstrated excellence in regards to the impact, quality, relationship, context, and learning aspects of service.


The A.A. Hyden Award for Outstanding Student Group was initiated in 1987. The award is named in honor of Dr. A.A. Hyden, Vice President of Student Life at Baylor University from 1980 to 1989. Dr. Hyden was dedicated to students and continues to be a dedicated servant to the Waco community. His involvement and memberships include: Rotary International, Phi Delta Kappa, Southern Counselors Personnel Association and Omnicron Delta Kappa. By serving and investing in the Waco community, Baylor students build upon Dr. Hyden's legacy of community service.

Selection Criteria
Groups qualifying for consideration for the A.A. Hyden Award must:
  • Demonstrate each of the five benchmarks of meaningful service:
    • Impact- Difference your organization has made in the community & supported other community efforts
    • Quality-Coordination of service, planning, communication, relationship w/ community
    • Relationship- Successful partnerships with fellow students, those served, and community partners)
    • Context- Understanding of the larger issue on a state, national and/or global level
    • Learning-Use of reflection and debriefing for students to personally learn and grow
  • Involve members (organization should aim at having at least 75% participation rates in the groups service activities)

Past Winners

American Medical Student Association (2015-2016)

Medical Service Organization (2014-2015)