EHS Training Courses

Courses Safety Skills BioRaft Classroom External
AED       X
Aerial Work X     X
Animal Worker   X    
Back and Lifting Safety X      
Biosafety   X    
Biosafety Advanced   X    
Bloodborne Pathogens X X    
Boating Safety       X
CBRNE Awareness X      
CPR/AED       X
Cryogen Safety X X    
DPS Emergency Guide X      
Driver Safety X      
Dry Ice Shipping   X    
Electrical Safety X      
Emergency Action Plan X      
Exposure Control Plan X      
Fire Extinguisher X X   X
Fire Prevention X X    
GHS X      
Golf Cart X      
Hazard Communication X      
Hazardous Material Awareness X      
Hazardous Waste   X    
Heat Illness X      
HIPAA Awareness X      
Laboratory Safety   X X  
Laboratory Safety Update   X    
Laser Safety   X    
Lockout Tagout X      
Machine Guarding X      
Portable Ladders X      
Power Tool Safety X      
Powered Industrial Truck X      
PPE X      
Radiation Machine   X    
Radioactive Materials   X    
Respiratory Protection X      
Stop the Bleed X X    
Walking Working Surfaces X      
Welding, Cutting, and Brazing X