Mission Statement

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) serves Baylor University by providing technical support, information and training, consultation and periodic audits of environmental, health and Safety practices and regulatory compliance.

Environmental Health and Safety provides services that promote a healthy and safe environment for the university community. These services are designed to assist Baylor University in achieving its teaching, research, and service objectives with effective, efficient, and safe operations and compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies, and standards. To achieve its missions, EH&S must:

► Be an organization that performs with the highest integrity, accuracy, efficiency, and responsiveness;

► Be an organization that advances the highest level of safety awareness and promotes best practices;

► Be aggressive in pursuing prevention and resolution of unsafe conditions;

► Be the primary resource for information related to health and safety;

► Be effective advocates for the university community;

► Be flexible to effectively respond to the changing needs of the university community;

► Be a steward for environmental quality;

► Be an example of safety;

► Be a team composed of professional staff with the highest level of expertise; and

► Be recognized as user friendly and customer driven.