Laboratory Inspection Program

Overview of Program

In an effort to promote a safe working environment in the university's laboratories, EH&S has a multi-tiered inspection program. This program is comprised of three parts:

  1. Quarterly or monthly self-inspections, determined by the hazards noted in your lab setup on BioRAFT.
  2. Official EH&S inspections that are conducted in the areas of chemical safety, radiation safety, laser safety, and biological safety.
  3. A progressive procedure for addressing corrective actions.

In addition to this official inspection regime, there are additional checks done within the laboratory environment. These include:

  • An annual check of the safety showers.
  • An annual check of the chemical fume hoods and/or biological safety cabinets.
  • Regular flushing of the eyewash/drench hoses.
  • Unannounced EH&S "Spot Checks".