Laboratory Safety Binder

Each established lab has a binder (or digital collection on BioRAFT) of laboratory safety documents. This is referred to by OSHA as the Chemical Hygiene Plan for labs using chemicals for “laboratory use” and the Hazard Communication Plan for labs using chemicals for general use such as washing equipment.

A typical safety binder will contain the following:

  • The appropriate written safety overview (plan) for that lab
  • Any Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the lab
  • Laboratory Safety Orientation Page
  • Eyewash Testing Log (unless this is handled digitally through BioRAFT, or the log is posted in the lab by the eyewash)
  • Paper copy of the chemical inventory (optional if an electronic version is available)
  • Waste Stream Determination Forms (if lab generates hazardous waste)

Please click the links below for the templates or forms needed for the safety binder:

For a new lab, standard operating procedures will be generated as part of the EHS “start up” process. Any established labs that need assistance with new SOPs should contact the Laboratory Safety Program Manager.