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At the School of Engineering and Computer Science, students have an opportunity to participate in innovative engineering applications alongside dedicated faculty members. Graduate students and faculty share a strong commitment to discovering new knowledge as Baylor aspires to become a top-tier research university while reaffirming and strengthening its distinctive Christian mission.


Bioinformatics Research

The Bioinformatics program at Baylor brings together the diverse disciplines of computer science, mathematics, biology, and chemistry. Ongoing research projects include methods to create distributed biological database systems designed for the specific needs of biology researchers, research into the automated discovery of gene regulatory networks using high-throughput data sources such as microarray data, and research into novel methods of data clustering and data mining.
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Computer Science

Computer Science Research

The Department of Computer Science has active research in diverse areas. Global Enterprise Applications research focuses on the demands of 24/7 computation today. Big Data research creates new algorithms for machine learning and data analytics. Software Engineering research models the integration of active systems into a correctly functioning system. Human accessibility research develops interfaces which do not require a keyboard or mouse.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE Research

Baylor electrical and computer engineering (ECE) researchers both at the BRIC and on-campus work on projects with high-potential for both marketability and scientific advancement. Equipped with a powerful scanning electron microscope and an array of other instrumentation and resources, ECE researchers are at work in the fields of advanced avionics, real-time data acquisition, circuit board prototyping, antennas and microwave, wireless communications, computational intelligence, photonics, optical communications networks, power and energy, and more.
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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Research

The Department of Mechanical Engineering maintains rigorous high standards, emphasizing quality teaching and a high level of interaction among faculty and students. Students engage in unique, cutting-edge research that will equip them for leadership in a competitive job market and a meaningful career. Mechanical Engineering research is focused on three key areas: Thermal and Energy Engineering; Natural and Advanced Materials Engineering; and Biomechanics Experimentation, Design, and Simulation.
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