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Summer Semester

DPT 6421 Clinical Research (4 Sem Credits)

This course provides the necessary foundations for finding and interpreting health care research and applying them to the evidence-informed care of individual patients. Topics include searching the literature, critically appraising research studies, and applying biostatistical results within clinical reasoning. The course further builds student's professional identity as doctoral-level clinician-scientists.

DPT 6331 Physical Therapy Interventions (3 sem credits)

This course provides an introduction to selection, application, and progression of principles and interventions across the lifespan and various clinical settings. This course incorporates concepts from the International Classification of Function, Disability, and Health into clinical practice. Knowledge from this course will be integrated across the clinical management courses to prepare for physical therapist practice.

DPT 6450 Applied Neuroscience (4 sem credits)

This course builds on prior knowledge of anatomical cellular structure and function. Emphasis is placed on the central and peripheral nervous system regulation of movement and movement impairments that present from nervous system pathology. Lab activities apply foundational knowledge of neuroscience to the neurologic screen and a comprehensive neurological examination. Common outcome measures and assessment tools will be introduced.

DPT 6620 Musculoskeletal System I (Spine)  (6 sem credits)

This course introduces biomechanics, functional movement, and patient management principles of the spine, ribcage, and hip region. Emphasis of this course builds on prior learned anatomical structures and patient management using the clinical reasoning framework.  Lab activities concentrate on psychomotor skills for examination, manual therapy, and therapeutic exercise. Topics explore concepts of evidence informed practice across the lifespan.

DPT 6221 Clinical Medicine II (2 Sem credits)

This course continues the integration of medical screening, pathophysiology, diagnostic imaging principles and techniques and pharmacotherapeutics across various practice settings with an emphasis on the musculoskeletal, neurologic, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems. The knowledge gained will be used to provide evidence informed care across the lifespan. 

DPT 6151 Pain Science (1 sem credits)

This course introduces students to managing patients with chronic pain syndromes and associated psychosocial factors using emerging and contemporary concepts of assessment, education, treatment, and outcomes. Current best practice techniques and research are integrated to provide discussion of the multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary nature of chronic pain, to enhance evidence informed patient care, and to advance societal health.

DPT 6360 Clinical Integration II (3 Sem Credits)

This course advances student clinical reasoning, examination, differential diagnosis, and interventions as an interdependent practitioner across the lifespan in various clinical settings.  Course activities emphasize mindful, holistic, and evidence-based physical therapist management of patients. Lab activities culminate in a comprehensive practical examination.

DPT 6310 Health and Wellness Promotion (3 sem credits)

This course applies prior coursework to individual and community health promotion and wellness. Students explore various domains and influencers of health and identify appropriate screening and testing procedures, culminating in individual patient and community interventions. An understanding of social determinants of health on culturally competent healthcare, wellness, and education is emphasized.

DPT 6370 Business Principles for the Physical Therapist (3 sem credits)

This course provides an overview of practice management fundamentals and applies principles to various aspects of leadership and personal development, strategic planning, and business operations. Students gain knowledge in health care management, leadership, strategic planning, human resources, finance, organizational structures, and fiscal management as they relate to physical therapy practice.

DPT 6110 Doctoral Synthesis I (1 sem credit)

This course comprehensively reviews body systems, pathophysiological mechanisms, examination procedures and management strategies consistent with evidence-based practice and clinical guidelines. Students participate in independent study and sample examinations with a musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems focus, preparing students for an exit examination based on FSBPT Content Outline.

DPT 6442 Clinical Experience II (4 sem credits)

This course is a full time (8-week) clinical experience, supervised by clinical faculty, during which students develop patient examination and intervention skills. Students are expected to demonstrate professionalism and progress towards competency as a clinician as rated on the Clinical Internship Evaluation Tool. Students work to enhance communication skills and integrate evidence-based management of patient care.