Building Emergency Coordinators

Program Overview

The Building Emergency Coordinator (BEC) program was established to coordinate emergency planning and preparedness efforts among Baylor University buildings.

Typically a campus building is occupied by multiple departments, making building-wide communications difficult during normal operations, let alone during an emergency. The Building Emergency Coordinator program serves to assist first responders and Emergency Management by developing a common, building-wide plan of action for emergencies that threaten life safety.

BECs serve as an extension of Emergency Management in the preparedness, response, and recovery phases of an emergency. They not only add value to the building community by serving in this position, but also to the overall university.

BEC Roles and Responsibilities

BECs work with Emergency Management to disseminate pertinent emergency preparedness information and plans throughout their building. In the event of an emergency, they assist with the coordination of prompt and safe action of all occupants within their designated areas. In addition, they provide emergency responders with a knowledgeable point of contact who can assist in contacting appropriate departmental personnel and officials in case of an emergency.

BECs are expected to provide multiple forms of contact, including methods reachable outside of normal business hours.