Family Preparedness

All members of the Baylor University community--including parents and guardians--are encouraged to be prepared at home, school and work. Regardless if you are in Waco, within Texas or in other parts of the country or abroad, take a few minutes to implement a few action steps: get a kit, make a plan, be informed.

Visit our partners below for helpful information:

Baylor Alert

Baylor Alert is the university’s system for alerting students, faculty, staff and visitors in the event of an emergency on campus. Parents and guardians can also receive text messages through Baylor Alert.

  1. Students can follow the instructions for opting into Baylor Alert.
  2. Parents can be added as an "alternate Baylor Alert contact" by their student using the instructions provided above.
  3. Parents, visitors, contractors and others can opt-in to receive Baylor Alert (text messages) using one of following options:
    • Short term visitors (1-3 days) can text Baylor1845 to 226787. *Note, subscriptions automatically expire after 3 days.
    • Long term visitors (weeks, months, semester, etc.) can text Baylor76798 to 226787. *Note, subscriptions do not automatically expire. Users need to opt-out to stop receiving notifications.