Baylor parking areas are towing enforced. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owner's or operator's expense. Parking is reserved for vehicles with a valid Baylor parking permit.

Specifically prohibited are vehicles that are not parked in a parking space, create a safety issue, block access, are abandoned, or repeatedly violate the Baylor Parking policies.

Baylor parking regulations are enforced 24 hours every day.

Towing service is contracted.

To locate a vehicle that has been towed, call Parking Services at 254.710.7275 or

Tow King

Phone number: 254.666.5484

Address: 7271 Bagby Avenue, Waco, Texas 76712

If towed, to reclaim your vehicle:

  • Be prepared to provide your driver's license and proof of insurance.

    (Additional documentation may be required)

  • There will be fees associated with the towing that must be paid to the towing company BEFORE they will release your vehicle.


(Additional fees are incurred for each day the vehicle is not claimed)

If Baylor Parking Services is charged by the towing company, the charge will be redirected to the customer.

Parking enforcement may include a parking notice, multiple parking notices, vehicle immobilization (a "boot") and/or towing of the improperly parked vehicle. Necessary enforcement is at the discretion of Parking and Transportation Services.

Baylor Parking and Transportation Services is under NO obligation to attempt to locate, call or email the owner/operator of a vehicle prior to it being towed.  Any such warning effort by Baylor Parking Services should be considered a very generous courtesy (and immediately acted upon). 

Baylor Parking Services wants to help you avoid future citations (and potential towing). If you would like to meet or speak with a representative to discuss your parking situation and/or citation history, please contact our office.


Department of Public Safety

Speight Plaza Parking Facility
1521 S. 4th St.
Waco, TX 76706
Parking Matters: 254.710.7275
Non-Emergency: 254.710.2211
Emergency: 254.710.2222