Regulations & Enforcement


A valid Baylor parking permit is required to park on campus Monday-Friday 7:00 AM-5:00 PM. 

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Most Baylor permits are virtual with no physical permit/sticker and are tied directly to the vehicle's license plate. Permit owners are responsible for updating their vehicle information if they get a different vehicle, different license plate number or temporarily drive a different vehicle to campus.

Double and triple check the license plate information with what is provided to Baylor Parking Services.  A vehicle's LICENSE PLATE MUST BE CORRECT. JUST 1 NUMBER OR LETTER BEING INCORRECT OR OUT OF PLACE WILL RESULT IN CITATIONS AND TOWING.

Vehicles must be parked in areas/spaces that correspond with their permit. Refer to the Student parking brochure map and or posted signage to determine the parking permit required for each lot.

Authorization to park in special areas can only be granted by written permission from Parking and Transportation Services.

License plates (rear or front) must be easily visible to the parking lot aisle/roadway. License plates displayed behind objects (bicycle racks, bumper guards) or on a vehicle dashboard may result in a citation.

A vehicle that does not display ANY legitimate license plates (temporary or permanent) is subject to immediate towing.

Student Permits only allow for one vehicle to be parked on campus at a time. Permits cannot be shared by multiple students.

The absence of parking spaces in a desired permitted area does not grant an exception to the Baylor Parking Regulations.

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Parking regulations are enforced during special events and times such as Diadeloso, Study Days, Finals, Rush, between semesters, etc.  Email to confirm parking expectations for specific events. 

On weekends, holidays and after 5 PM (until 7:00 AM) appropriate parking regulations are still enforced.  Specifically enforced are reserved areas/spaces (typically marked ‘reserved 24/7’), Fire lane, Disabled parking, Maintenance, Loading zone, and other designated areas are reserved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Any area not specifically designated for parking is considered a no parking zone and vehicles will be cited appropriately. All vehicles must be parked within the marked boundaries of one parking space or stall. Vehicles that are parked parallel must be parked with the flow of traffic and not more than 18 inches from the curb.

Baylor’s parking regulations do NOT allow exceptions for vehicles with hazard lights flashing and/or for improperly parked vehicles for even a very limited duration.

Designated handicap parking spaces are for the exclusive use of vehicles displaying handicap hangtags or disabled license plates AND have a valid Baylor parking permit. Need help with a disability? Click Here

Parking enforcement may include a parking notice, multiple parking notices, vehicle immobilization (a "boot") and/or towing of the improperly parked vehicle. Necessary enforcement is at the discretion of Parking and Transportation Services.


Citation List

Baylor utilizes emailed parking citations. Citation notices are normally emailed 2 hours after the violation. Delays may occur if the vehicle is not permitted or registered to an individual's account. Individuals are responsible for managing their junk and clutter email accounts.

Parking Enforcement Communication Information 

Citation Appeals:

Individuals may submit an appeal to a parking citation if they believe it has been written in error. The appeal must be completed within 14 calendar days of the email notice. Appeals beyond the fourteen-day period will NOT be considered.

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Baylor parking areas are towing enforced. Towing will be at the owner's or operator's expense.

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Parking and Transportation Services reserves the right to remove at the owner's expense any public nuisance vehicle or one that is not parked in accordance with the parking regulations.

Baylor assumes no responsibility for loss or damage. When a vehicle is parked, it should be locked, and valuables removed or locked in the trunk. Thefts, accidents and other offenses occurring on campus should be reported to Baylor PD immediately by calling 254-710-2222.

Department of Public Safety

Speight Plaza Parking Facility
1521 S. 4th St.
Waco, TX 76706
Parking Matters: 254.710.7275
Non-Emergency: 254.710.2211
Emergency: 254.710.2222