ID Cards

ID Card Production is in the Parking Services office located in the Speight Parking Garage (Next to the Cashion building). 

Bring a photo ID and know your Baylor ID number. 

Click here to get your Baylor ID card number by entering your Bearid and Password.

Baylor University's ID card is a single-card program that combines many features including identification, library privileges, building access, lab access, meal plans, selected student functions, football ticket distribution, plus other activities.

What does the ID card do?

  • Identification- Students, Faculty, and Staff
  • Payment for Goods and Services - Dining halls, food courts, vending machines, copy machines, and the Baylor Bookstore. Beginning 8/1/19 only student cards will have this function.
  • Access to Facilities- Residence halls, some academic buildings, computer labs, some administrative buildings, recreational facilities, athletic events, and the health center.
  • Other Services- Financial aid refunds in the Cashier's Office, student voting and student check cashing.

What is the ID Card number?

The Baylor ID card number is printed on the ID card. It is used as a unique identifier in University information systems of the person to whom the card was issued. The number has meaning only at Baylor University. Additional information (like a PIN) must be provided along with this number to gain access to protected data. Click here to get your Baylor ID card number by entering your Bearid and Password.

Security Issues

The ID Card System was developed with the purpose of providing you with an account and access security you need on campus. Each cardholder must help maintain the integrity of the system by immediately reporting lost cards and notifying the campus police or Parking Services if they witness the propping of doors, abuse of card readers, or unauthorized use of a person's ID card.

Lost or Damaged Cards

Lost ID cards should be deactivated immediately by Clicking Here and entering your Bearid and Password. Or you may call Parking Services during business hours at 254.710.MYID (6943).

If your card is damaged or does not perform needed functions as expected, it should be taken to Parking Services located in the Speight Parking Garage.

Replacement cards are issued from the Parking Services office. There is a $20 fee to replace a lost or damaged card. The fee goes onto the student's Baylor account.


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