Call Boxes and Emergency Telephones

Baylor maintains eighty-one (81) emergency call boxes located across the campus and one-hundred fifty-two (152) emergency telephones, which are located in all building elevators. These phones are provided as an immediate means of communication to the Baylor Police Dispatcher during an emergency. There are currently two different styles of emergency call boxes on campus. One can be recognized by the large pole (yellow) with a blue light at the top, the other style is mounted directly onto a wall instead of a pole. For those with hearing or communication impaired disabilities, be aware that a police officer will always respond to the call box immediately upon activation of the call button.

In an effort to better serve the safety needs of the residential students, telephones have been placed at the majority of residence halls main entrances. Next to each telephone is a sign which outlines the necessary steps to contact the front desk for assistance, as well as contact information for residents to gain entry to their building after hours in the event of a lost ID card. These telephones have a one-touch dialing ability to reach the Baylor University Police Department.

Emergency Call Box Map

Department of Public Safety

Speight Plaza Parking Facility
1521 S. 4th St.
Waco, TX 76706
Parking Matters: 254.710.7275
Non-Emergency: 254.710.2211
Emergency: 254.710.2222