Authority and procedure

In circumstances where travelers are perceived to be in imminent danger resulting from a severe political or environmental circumstances, and the window of opportunity for action is short, the Director of Global Safety and Security, Vice Provost for Global Engagement, Executive Leadership, and the institution’s evacuation assistance provider, have the authority to immediately suspend travel and initiate evacuation proceedings.

Travelers who refuse to comply with evacuation orders could lose their student status (impacting their financial aid), evacuation insurance coverage, and health insurance coverage (if provided by Baylor).


Baylor University provides all travelers on university sponsored travel with specialized medical insurance and an assistance plan, which includes security/natural disaster/political unrest evacuation coverage. 

Only our assistance provider can determine whether or not an evacuation will be "covered" under the policy. A covered evacuation will be coordinated by our provider for a stated time frame. 

Department of Public Safety

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