Building Emergency Action Plans

The Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP) is a document designed to assist building occupants with their emergency planning and response efforts. As an extension of the Baylor Emergency Action Plan, each University building must have a building specific Emergency Action Plan that plans for possible emergency incidents specific to each facility.  This plan serves as a life safety and emergency response plan.  It is not intended to provide for the business continuity and/or disaster recovery processes of individual departments.  All faculty and staff should become familiar with the contents of the document. The BEAP includes, but is not limited to:

  • Building Emergency Coordinator Roster and Assignments
  • Building Information
  • Preparedness Information
  • Reporting an Emergency
  • Plan Overview, Development and Review, Distribution and training
  • Responsibilities
  • Procedures for Notifications, Evacuation, Shelter-In-Place, Securing a Building/Classroom, and Specific Emergency Situations

Access Your Building Emergency Action Plan

Baylor Faculty and Staff may access their respective building's BEAP by following these steps:

  1. Go to the BEAPs Map
  2. Select the building you wish to access from the map
  3. The left portion of the screen will then have information specific to the selected facility
  4. To print the BEAP, click the small printer icon on the top right of the left portion of the screen; it can be printed or saved as a PDF