Motorcycle Guidelines

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Motorcycles must have a valid parking permit to park on campus Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Motorcycle permits should be placed near the license plate of the motorcycle. Most are displayed on a motorcycle 'inspection plate'. Parking services has a limited number of these available at no charge with the purchase of a permit.


Motorcycle permits are NOT transferable and are only good for one specific vehicle.


Motorcycle Permits allow for parking in regular automobile spaces (Not Reserved) and in specially designated motorcycle spaces.


Permit owners are responsible for updating their vehicle information if they get a different vehicle, different license plate number or temporarily drive a different vehicle to campus.


Permit owners are responsible for contacting Parking Services if their permit is lost or damaged. Email Parking Services:


Purchasing a Motorcycle Parking Permit does not guarantee a parking place nor does the absence of a parking space constitute justification for violation of parking regulations.


Please note that parking a vehicle on the Baylor campus is a privilege that can be voided, even after a permit is purchased.


For safety reasons, vehicles may not be covered while parked on campus.


Motorcycles and mopeds are classified as two different types of vehicles.

Parking Services uses a simple determination- the seat of the vehicle to classify it as a moped or motorcycle.

Moped Description



Motorcycle Description

*(Modified 8/17/2017)



Motorcycles are motorized vehicles and will be expected to operate exclusively on vehicle roadways. Motorcycles are NOT allowed to operate/drive on sidewalks, grass areas or closed streets on campus. Failure to adhere to these regulations may result in a moving violation.

A valid motorcycle driver's license is required. See the Texas Department of Public Safety for more information:

Texas Department of Public Safety