Moped Permits


Physical Permit.  Must be picked up and displayed on your vehicle.

Permissions: Allows for parking in designated Moped parking areas according to permit.

Recommended: For all individuals wanting to park a moped on campus during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Available: August 1, 2019- Until Sold Out

Effective: August 1, 2019 - August 15, 2020

Purchase online and pick-up in person at the Parking Office in the Speight Parking Garage.

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Parking Permit Options (Zones) New 2019

ALL Moped parking permits will provide permission to moped parking in Lot 2 (near the Panhellenic building)  and (NEW!) Moped Lot A (near Foster).   

For example, a permit for Lot B is good for parking in area B or area A. The 'B Permit' does not provide permission to park in  Lots C or D.


There are a limited number of moped parking permits available.

Parking Services expects to sell out of moped permits.

Click on the map to see/print designated parking areas:

Moped map


  • A- Lot 26 (Gold) Half a block South of the Foster building ($50)
  • B- Lot 56 (Green) Across Bagby Ave from the Baylor Science Building (BSB) ($75)
  • C- Lot 24 (Red) SOLD OUT  Near the Bill Daniel Student Center ($75)
  • D- Lot 52 (Teal) Near the Wiethorn Visitors Center ($75)

Permit Prices:

  • $75 Academic Year 2019-2020 (Available 8/1/2019-Expires 8/15/2020)
  • $50 Spring 2020 Semester (Available 11/1/2019-Expires 8/15/2020)
  • $25 Summer 2020 Semester (Available 4/1/2020-Expires 8/15/2020)


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